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3 Mistakes Well-Meaning Parents Make When They Want Their Kids To Wholeheartedly Obey Them...
And How You Can Avoid These, Starting Today

(#2 Will Blow Your Mind!)

Why you need this… right NOW!

What would life be like for you, if the next time you asked your child to help out at home, they joyfully replied, "I'd love to!"?

I want you to imagine that for a moment, because that's my goal for every parent I work with to experience 😊

There's no better time than right NOW to decide to grow in being equipped as a Spirit-Led parent, so you can effectively transform the trajectory of your family's legacy.

Get your free video training today, and I'll show you how you can begin to make a change - starting today!

What you'll learn:

Secret 1:

The #1 Mistake You're Making as a Parent That's Sabotaging Wholehearted Obedience from Your Children!

Awareness is the first step to change.

Find out if you're making this mistake... and replace it with a game-changing strategy that will work towards your goal of unlocking wholehearted obedience in your kids, creating a harmonious and connected family dynamic like you never knew was possible. 

You'll experience fewer power struggles, more cooperation, and a deeper bond with your children as they willingly follow your guidance... 

Leading to a more peaceful and joyful daily home experience!

Secret 2:

Don't Fall into This Trap... The Surprising Reason Your Kids Lack Self-Control!

Learn a little-known secret to growing self-control in your kids, freeing you from the constant need to give instructions and do the thinking equivalent of multiple individuals every single minute of your day!

(Think way more energy at the end of each day, to have fun & enjoy them and your spouse...)

This will empower your children to become independent thinkers, develop strong character, and take responsibility for their actions, fostering a sense of confidence and self-discipline that will serve them throughout their lives.

Secret 3:

Making This Critical Mistake as a Parent? Discover the Solution to Permanently Avoid Anger and Frustration "Taking The Reins" In Your Parenting Journey!

Uncover the "seismic paradigm shift" that will allow you to permanently install new parenting skills so you can retain connection with your children, even in challenging moments... 

By shifting this way you view parenting, you'll experience a significant shift in your family dynamics, enjoying more peace, cooperation, and joy in your everyday interactions.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your parenting journey and create a legacy of love and connection for generations to come!

Meet Your Coach

Seth Dahl

Seth is a writer and worldwide speaker to adults and children. He is known for his powerful wisdom communicated through contagious joy and childlikeness.

Over his 20 years of working with children, Seth cultivated a passion to empower families to build a strong connection, foster peace, and create a thriving family culture. 

Parenting can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Seth and his wife Lauren love equipping people with the practical and spiritual tools they need to create the thriving family culture they’ve always dreamed of.      

If discipline is the area of parenting you've been struggling the most with,

and not knowing what to do when faced with difficult situations with your children,

has been holding you back MOST from bringing "on Earth, as it is in Heaven" inside your home...

This is for YOU!

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“I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more highly than Seth to set you up as leaders in your home!"

- Danny Silk

Senior Leader at Bethel Church (Redding)

President & Co-Founder of Loving On Purpose

“One of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had is to endorse Seth Dahl. 

Working at Bethel for 10 years, his classes impacted parents, children, and all of our lives.”

- Bill Johnson

Senior Leader of Bethel Church (Redding)



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